Sunday, 19 May 2013

Small time lapse at the lake

We've been playing with a feature on the GoPro that we've just scrolled past before but now we know the true awesomeness of it we will try to bring you more time lapse movies of our days at the lake.  Check out this little first attempt with the GoPro on the roof of the watersports centre on a beautiful sunny day.  People were having a great time out on the ringos and skiing in the lake which is getting warmer and warmer by the day!! Just over 18 degrees at the last check!!  Come down and get involved with the fun!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Sun has been shining!....honestly!

So the season is well and truly under way and the water temp has gone from a toe numbing 8 degrees to a not so chilly 18 degrees! The winter suits are gone and the shorties are out already! Remember the water here has got up to 27 degrees in the past...I've literally had colder baths! But the normal high temp for a season is 24 degrees, still very warm.

With the sun out and the water warm we have been very busy here at Hardwick Watersports. With wakeboarders, wake skaters, water skiers, knee boarders and ringo's riders the atmosphere has been awesome on the water and on shore. Those not on the boats have been out on kayaks, dry land training on the trampoline, improving balance on the slack line or just chilling out at a beautiful lake.

Here's a few pics so far....

Friday, 10 May 2013

Start of season Rescue!

So it's been a while since our last post and that's because we have been busy getting the Watersports ready for the summer. Normally it involves dropping the boats back in the water and cleaning everything ready for the first clients to arrive.
Unfortunately it wasn't quite this simple as one of my jetty's had come free in the winter floods and decided to go for a swim down the lake. Let me point out that this jetty was built for us when I first took over 5 years ago and that every other jetty we built is still standing strong!!!!

The jetty that floated away was still fully intact so before the boats were in we launched the double kayaks and went on a rescue mission to bring the jetty back to its original place. This went well and after 30 minutes of hard paddling we had it back! Result we thought, now we just had to get it back on top of its frame and tie it back down. Sounded easy and we thought for a minute that it would be......oh how we were wrong!!!!
The jetty was absolutely sodden and weighed about 2 million tonnes but we were still determined to get it back in place. We tried to make it more buoyant by floating lots of windsurf boards underneath to take some weight off. This coupled with lots of brute strength and ignorance did nothing but help to put my back out!! Not quite the easy mission we had hoped for.
A new plan had to be made!!
To make it lighter we stripped half of the decking off the top and then made a rope pulley system from the tree next to the shore. With a lot of hoisting on the rope and levering on the frame we finally managed to get it back in place! Not wanting to go through this ever again we added more posts and strapping to secure it,replaced the decking and then pressure washed back to new again.
It's fair to say that this was a mission we could have done without however it was quite a talking point for the start of season. 
With the jetties, kayaks and boats in place the season could start and the fun could begin :-)